How do we work?

How do we work?

Relationship, Couple and/or Family counseling

In session with couples or families, every voice is given a place. We look for the shared concern and find a common goal to work with.
This without losing sight of each ones wishes. Together we try to make progress in a safe environment.

Individual Counseling

In the first sessions we get to know each other. I shall listen,… I’ll hear your concern.
Together we get a better look at who you are and which challenge(s) you’re facing.
From my experience, I find it important to adapt as best I can to what works for you, to which I can offer that attends better to your needs.
The path you walk, we walk together. We decides together how we proceed and where to. During this walk, I try to work with your strengths and values, so you can continue more vigorously.

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