What does a psychologist do?

What does a psychologist do?

Sometimes people tell children that psychologist are ‘talk doctors’. A psychologist isn’t a doctor and doesn’t give remedies or prescriptions.
A psychologist helps you to find your own solution to your concerns. A psychotherapist uses therapeutic methods to assist you getting back on your course, like narrative therapy, solution focused,…

Possible Topics

Break-ups, questions about identity, dealing with work-related stress, dealing with parental stress, fears and anxiety concerning relationships, questions about gender and orientation, relationship issues (between partners, child-parent, friends, siblings,…), family issues (stepfamily, halfsiblings, divorce, adoption,…), to change negative behaviour, getting more out of life, dealing with sickness, dealing with disability, communication problems, difficulty with choice, traumatic experiences, dealing with loss, depression, overcoming fear, improving your self-image, finding balance in life, to achieve lifegoals, questions about life, feeling stuck, worrying,…

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